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Experienced mortgage broker in Windsor, Ontario

As a mortgage broker with Mortgage Architects, Brett Renaud works with over 50 lenders to help you find the best mortgages as per your need.

Personally working with homebuyers and homeowners to ensure fast, flexible and confidential advice, he’s mortgage services are free!

He aims at helping first time home buyers, current homeowners, rental home owners, vacation properties, self-employed business people, new to Canada, etc. make mortgage decisions that will impact them financially for the rest of their lives.

Know more about Brett Renaud, mortgage advisor for home buyers across Windsor, Essex County.

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Mortgage Broker in Windsor, Ontario

Brett Renaud is an experienced mortgage broker in Windsor, Ontario. Reach out to him to find mortgages at best rates and avail the other mortgage services he offers.

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Some testimonials from clients who benefitted from my services.

  • Katie J.

  • Margaret and Douglas

  • Justin

  • Chris

  • Danny and Sarah

  • Jay

  • Craig

"Working with Brett was a great decision for me. I was very nervous to even begin the process of qualifying for a mortgage and he put me at ease from the first minute. He was available anytime I needed him and he answered each and every question I had with the patience of a saint!"

"Brett did some refinancing for me recently. Brett did his due diligence and found us the best rate for what we were doing. He made recommendations that had our best interest in mind. We were extremely pleased with Brett. I would recommend you talk to Brett before you make any decisions."

"Hi Brett, thanks again for your help. I'm really busy at work and in life and you not only saved me a lot of money but you saved me a lot of time too. I didn't have to spend 2-3 hours meeting in an office we just did everything via email/fax/phone. It was great and extremely convenient."

"Great guy... highest ethics... long time member of the financial services industry in Windsor."

"Brett offered us outstanding professionalism and a fantastic stress free experience. We definitely recommend anyone to seek his expertise."

"Brett was very professional and helped me find an amazing mortgage rate. He was courteous and friendly and found me the best rate with the best company that accommodated my needs. Highly recommended!"

"Great guy that will find you a great rate give him a call and start looking for your future home!"