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Established Mortgage Lender in Windsor, Ontario

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As a committed member of Windsor and Essex County my goal is simple, to help you make the best mortgage decisions for you. As a mortgage agent with Mortgage Architects I work with over 50 lenders to help find the mortgage that meets the borrower's needs. If you are a looking to buy a new home, or perhaps already own a home and need some extra money for renovations or to pay off high interest debt give me a call, my services are almost always free!

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Why Call Brett?

  1. Valuable experience in financial services industry. One thing I've learned is that each person has different needs, and putting those needs first is what I'm committed to. 9 years of helping people buy homes, restructure debt to save thousands, repair credit and help budget – and in almost every situation my services are FREE!
  2. Family first. I'm a married father of 2 children and I realize how important family is. This is why I'm committed to helping your family. I'm committed to helping families in our community with my Give Back program.
  3. Convenience. You are busy! That's why flexibility is so important. So whether you want to talk on the phone, meet in person, email, skype, etc. Or if you need me on a Sunday afternoon or a Friday night we will make it happen.
  4. Save Money. There is some information I've learned that WILL save you money, decisions you make when you sign for a mortgage could either cost you or save you – BIG TIME! Read this to find out what happened to one couple: http://bit.ly/ZRnLyN