mortgage refinance in windsor

Mortgage Refinancing in Windsor, Ontario

Refinance and Save!

Hundreds of our clients have taken advantage of the power of refinancing! What is a mortgage refinance? It is quite simply using the equity you have built up in your home, and redirecting it to pay off higher interest credit items such as loans and credit card balances.

Take a look at the client example below to see how it MAY help you take control of your finances!!

Client Example;

Credit Product Amount Owing % Rate Yearly Interest Cost Monthly Payment
Mortgage $180,000 3.00% $5,299.65 $851.84
Auto Loan $15,000 6.00% $1,073.22 $289.48
Consolidation Loan $10,000 10.00% $359.63 $252.66
Mastercard $2,945 26.00% $765.70 $88.35
Visa $4,000 29.90% $1,196.00 $120
Total Amount Owing $211,945 Total Annual Cost $8,694.20 Total Monthly Payment $1,602.33

Restructured Mortgage Solution – This is where we combine all of the above debt into your new Mortgage, see below;

New Mortgage amount of $215,000 with an interest rate of 3.29% will save you $552.59 a month in payments and $1,752.89 in yearly interest costs!

Or as some clients do, they take the $552.59 they are saving and pay extra on their mortgage, which decreases the total time you will have a mortgage (by over 10 years) and help you save tens of thousands of dollars in interest!!

Balance $202,000 5.15% $10,402.80 $2,398.66
Totals 202000 2.44% $4,778.73
Notes: With this recommendation, you may save $5624.07 a year in interest costs.
More importantly, you may save $2398.66 per month in credit payments.